Real Estates

Real Estate Investments
in Bulgaria

ARGOS Agency is a real estate company founded
in June 2004 in Varna.

The Customer

The goal was to make a very user-friendly and safe platform both for patients and physicians in which the first one can cooperate with the second one on a certain medical problem they have, using the latest technologies and saving time, money and lives.

When time is precious and information is crucial for making a decision OSO Health steps in. Giving the patients the opportunity to receive the best medical advice from recognized physicians.

The Goal

As every constantly developing business working in a dynamic environment, they needed to modernize their digital look. The main goal was to ease their customers and show them that they are in good hands and their needs will be cared for.

In addition to that, they needed a new system, a faster system that will give them the opportunity to follow the dynamic market in a quick and easy way.

Approach & Decisions

The first step when they reached out to us, was to have a brainstorm conversation with the decision-makers. In order to give them the best product, we had to determine the goals and find the best tools to achieve them.

A unique and comforting design, fast working CMS integrated with their current database, along with a good action plan set up the framework.

To give them all that, our team chose to work with our own custom Dream CMS, which gave us the possibility to exclude all unnecessary functionalities of open source ones, while including all the specific functionalities needed for their competitive business.

In The End

All the hard work led to a brand new website with a modern comforting and easy-to-use design, not only for the customers but for the admins as well.

The design was set up by highlighting the main product the - real estates the company is offering, and the professional consulting, financial, legal, and so on, the real estate agents give to their clients.

Visit The Project

Giving consideration to the essence of the project and the security that it requires, all this was built on our own platform Dream CMS from our developers, using Laravel framework.