BBQArena - How To Choose The Best Barbecue

After almost 10 years on the market the company saw the interest in top quality BBQs and recognized the need of gathering all the top brands in one place - an online market where the customers can read, compare and choose the best one for their needs.

BBQArena is a well-structured startup brand, an online marketplace for world-famous top-class BBQ brands like Enders, Traeger, Green Mountain Grill, and others. The company behind the brand has been on the market since 2012 when they became an exclusive distributor of the German bbq brand Enders. The company aims to make it possible for Bulgarian consumers to have high-quality appliances for their garden, terrace, and other outdoor spaces at affordable prices.

The Goal

To design and develop a website that will create an emotional connection with the users and turn them into customers with ease. We sat down with the decision-makers behind BBQArena and made a comprehensive discussion about what is the emotion that each and every one of us gets when thinking of BBQ - and it turned out that it’s all about nature, friends, having good times, and delicious food, all in one.

All of the above had to complement the products and their quality.

The possibility of reaching all the needed information for making the right choice, comparison between products and still have a quick and easy way to place your order - that is the true essence behind the user experience of

Our Approach

Being a new brand the first thing on the agenda was to create its look the best way possible.
Creating the logo and a thorough brand book gave us the framework in which our client and we wanted to work in.

As they were already familiar with WordPress as a backend platform and had a good experience with it from previous projects, we have agreed that it would be in their best interest to keep working with it and set it for their needs and purposes.

So having the framework and the right tools was only a matter of time, hard work, and good communication to achieve the final result.

In The End

The final result for BBQArena is not only an online store but is a place where you can find all about BBQs like in a shiny magazine. From advice about the different technologies used in modern BBQs to recipes of delicious food.

All this was built on an open-source CMS WordPress in order to give them the opportunity to grow and evolve on their own.

By the way the website was developed we gave them the freedom to manage not only all the information published on the website, but also the way it is presented to users as they will grow and develop in time.

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