Bulgarea Website

Website Design And Development Services For Bulgarea - One of The Top Bulgarian Milk And Diary Producers

The Customer

The bulgarian factory of milk and dairy products ELVI Ltd acquired the brand of Bulgarea in 2017. Heaving great experience in that industry and keeping in mind that the traditional Bulgarian recipe of dairy products is mandatory they’ve set their goals. Keeping the tradition is one of them.

Bulgarea dairy products are made according to the Bulgarian State Standard (BDS), with sourdough from live Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which determine the authentic, balanced taste.

The Goal

Bulgarea came to us with the need for a new digital look that will separate the brand from its previous owners and will give the right message to its customers - they are a true Bulgarian brand, following the Bulgarian traditions.

The Approach

The primary business goal was to identify the customer's target audience and find a way to trigger its behavior and build trust in the quality of the brand Bulgarea.

As always, we have performed research to see what were the strengths and weaknesses of the competition as well as in the brand itself in order to show Bulgarea in a way that is more appealing to the customers and emphasize the main goal of the company - keeping the tradition alive.

The Result

The final result is a shiny new unique design website, created by the customer’s brief powered by our proprietary CMS. The design represents the tradition combined with the new and modern look nowadays. The Bulgarea’s tradition continues to follow.

We believe that we did it justice by going back to the origin.

Customer Testimonial

Dream Solutions deserve that name for sure, that is what I can say after finding them on Google and they got my attention.

Our company was looking for prompt, specific, and clear solutions for the business, without wasting precious time. That is why I appreciate what they do and how they do it - they understand the client, adequately fulfilling all of the requirements we had, and were acting precisely sharp fast.

Our website is exactly what we wanted - easy to use, functional, and taking your breath away with its vision.

Thank you, Dream!

Manuela Krasteva, Marketing Coordinator at Bulgarea OOD