Hitting The Target
With Super Brands Discounter

SBDiscounter Is A Company In The Fashion And Accessories Industry Offering A Unique Experience To Their Customers

The Customer

Super Brands Discounter is a brand developed in 2019 and managed from the United Arab Emirates. Their main goal is to make clothes and accessories of distinguished designer brands more affordable to their customers.

Super Brands Discounter is a platform with a different approach to the customer journey in the world of fashion, which can end in a way that you choose.

They never compromise on quality and always rely on original products. Every buyer will be charmed by their professionalism and responsiveness.

The Goal

Starting from a single Facebook page with a few sales a day, the founders of SBDiscounter soon realised the need for their own platform to meet the needs of their customers. The goal was to offer a different experience, instead of being just another online store.

They wanted to create a unique place where you can learn the basics of fashion, latest trends and ideas. The primary goal was to enable the customer to buy clothes, perfumes, and accessories with confidence that they will fit their style.

 Approach & Decisions

As a new and just establishing business we have offered them a web solution with growth potential in mind. Building a road map for the project from a minimum viable product to a business that can hold thousands of visitors per second.

As for the customer experience we have added the option for the admin to create hotspots on an image and link products and categories to those hotspots. They will lead the customers in the desired direction.

The checkout process was simplified to turn potential into real customers in just a single step.

Having special weekly sessions with SBDiscounter led to an idea of implementing a special button next to the “Buy” button to help the visitors reach customer support easily. That decision helped the business boost its sales by 20%.

The Result

Fast loading and easy to use online store with the option to be easily upgraded on the customer requirements. The customer experience was designed to meet all the expectations of SBDiscounter.

Along with the website we were able to improve the visitors' trust in the brand and turn this into more sales. The uplift was about 500% single month after the website was launched.

Currently, we are working with SBDiscounter to improve their search engines performance and overall marketing strategy.

Customer Testimonial

Dream Solutions deserve that name for sure, that is what I can say after finding them on Google and they got my attention.

Our company was looking for prompt, specific, and clear solutions for the business, without wasting precious time. That is why I appreciate what they do and how they do it - they understand the client, adequately fulfilling all of the requirements we had, and were acting precisely sharp fast.

Our website is exactly what we wanted - easy to use, functional, and taking your breath away with its vision.

Thank you, Dream!

Evgeny Iordanov, Owner of Super Brands Discounter