Nexim Ropes Website

Web Development Services For Manufacturer of Top-quality Polypropylene Twisted Ropes And Baling Twines

The Customer

The Factory owned by Nexim ropes is one of the oldest factories in Bulgaria since 1924 They specialize in manufacturing polypropylene fiber and polypropylene twisted ropes as well as jute twisted ropes in a large variety of diameters. Being the oldest in the branche they have vast experience and strive to gain new markets, using the latest technologies.

The Goal

Nexim Ropes came to us with a brand new corporate identity in addition to which they needed a strong web presence. As the only producer of industrial polypropylene fiber and Z twisted ropes in Bulgaria their goal was to expand Worldwide.

That is why we had to meet some very high standards.

The Approach

First things first: The customer’s brief. We have discussed what was the primary objective the customer wanted to achieve and have prepared a step-by-step approach.

The next step was to perform the mandatory competitors' research to see what were the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and bring Nexim ahead of it.

Given the fact that we already had the company's new identity, we have created several customer journey mappings and picked the one that was standing out to continue our work with the website.

The Result

Starting with mobile-first in mind, because we know that modern times need modern solutions, we have created a brand new website. Made with custom CMS and contemporary unique design it emphasizes the strengths and professionalism of Nexim Ropes.

A strong view to a strong company with traditions.

Customer Testimonial

"Nexim had the pleasure to use the services of Dream Solutions. Our impressions of the company's team are more than satisfactory. Their precision and competence give us reason to think that we have found a good and loyal partner. The team of the company combines high quality and professionalism with excellent contact with the client. This makes their decisions fully tailored to the individual requirements and the specific situation of the individual client. Their work proves their creativity and identity.

As their client, we at Nexim recommend Dream Solutions, as they have proven to us with quality and professionalism in the implementation of our project. The successful joint work with Dream Solutions gives us reason to appreciate the professionalism of the company's team. Undoubtedly, we recommend Dream Solutions as a competent, reliable, and fair business partner."

Nikolay Stoyanov, Manager Nexim Ropes