Find Second
Oncology Opinion
With OSOHealth

The Customer

OSO Health is a newly developed platform, whose main goal is to make physician’s opinion and consultation in certain areas of medicine more affordable and easy to reach. The portal is saving you the big expenses of traveling around the world in searching for a second opinion. Specialists all over the world are gathered in one place to help you get through one of the most dazzling and hard periods of your life or the life of your close ones.

The Goal

The goal was to make a very user-friendly and safe platform both for patients and physicians in which the first one can cooperate with the second one on a certain medical problem they have, using the latest technologies and saving time, money and lives.

When time is precious and information is crucial for making a decision OSO Health steps in. Giving the patients the opportunity to receive the best medical advice from recognized physicians.

Our Approach

Due to the complexity of the project we have started the process with few meetings to clear out the scope. Once we had all the interactions and functionalities of the platform defined we made a wireframe and a thorough action plan for the process of developing.

We had weekly meetings to discuss the progress and the necessary changes due to some low regulations or ongoing platform improvements.

As the framework selected was of a high importance we have decided to bet on Laravel to make this project easy to scale and optimize in the future.

In The End

Due to the purpose of the platform, we decided to use a simple and user-friendly design, emphasizing its main function - second opinion.

We give the exact information to the users and help them to connect easily with world-class specialists in order to help them receive what they need.

Visit The Project

Giving consideration to the essence of the project and the security that it requires, all this was built on our own platform Dream CMS from our developers, using Laravel framework.

Customer Testimonial

We were happy to find a team that was willing to listen, give ideas and give solutions to our abstract ideas. Their compliance to make our concept a reality incentivized us to think big. We were always thrilled when everything we required would be concluded fast and exceptionally.

Dean Male