Out.In Branding &
Website Design

A Company Specialized in Distribution & Logistic Services for which we have developed a full marketing strategy and market approach

The Customer

Out.In Consulting is a company specialized in the sourcing and supply of foodstuff and food ingredients. Out.In was founded after identifying a growing need of companies to increase their market reach.

The Goal

The main goal of Out.In Consulting is to provide global Clients the highest quality FMCG products and services. Their business is based on good reputation and mutual benefits, and as such, we had to provide it with the right brand identity and online presence. They wanted to sell services and goods online with a single website.

The Approach

The primary business goal was to identify the customer's target audience and find a way to trigger its behavior that will lead us to higher conversion rates than the competitors had at that time. We have performed research to see what were the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and to base Out.In value proposition in a way that is more appealing than the competitor’s one.

We have created several customer journey mappings and picked the one that was outstanding from the others. The next step was to identify the right colors to meet the customer’s expectations and finalize the branding with a strong and professional company voice.

How The Project Evolved

The Brand

We have their colors changed in a way that they are easier to be recognized by their audience, following some of the core principles from the theory of colors.

Next step: The Online Presence

A.k.a The Website

Once we have the brand identity finished it was time to head for the website. We had the overall idea ready over the time we had meetings with Out.In’s team. It was just a matter of a designer’s imagination to work on it.

However, we didn’t stop there. We have created a customer’s journey to show Out.In there was a need for their website to remain only focused on their B2B customers. The next logical step was to evolve that project in a new shiny online store connected with their main business website and make it possible for the end customer to order their products. Thus we managed to create different customer journeys for both corporate clients and individuals.