The Online Marketplace
Dve Lipi

Corporate Branding And WordPress Web Development For Dve Lipi An Online Marketplace For Bulgarian Manufacturers
Dve Lipi

The Customer

DveLipi is a startup company with the main goal to help small Bulgarian businesses and manufacturers reach a wider audience and customers while growing together.

Having a startup or a small business is often hard to spare resources for advertising. This is where DveLipi steps in, by creating a community for Bulgarian manufacturers where they can not only help with each other's businesses but combined they will reach a greater audience in the country and abroad.

The Goal

The goal for Dve Lipi was to have a comprehensive and easy-to-use marketplace where their partners could set up their own store, upload their products and start selling immediately. This in turn allows the customer to shop from different manufacturers by paying only one delivery and managing only one order.

 Approach & Decisions

After a few brainstorming meetings with Velislava, the owner of Dve Lipi, we have a clear path to build them a corporate identity that will fit the market in the best way possible.

Once having the corporate identity done, we needed to choose the right content management system for a project that had just started. Our decision was to use an open-source framework like WordPress combined with WooCommerce And Dokan as a marketplace.

While the marketplace was built, we wanted to enable the partners to register and upload their products. That is why we have created a custom landing page for them giving them the option to start working along with our development team and give feedback on the go.

This gave the customer the opportunity to start selling on the next day the website was launched.


The Result

Dve Lipi has become one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in Bulgaria just a month after their start with many small businesses wanting to join them.

The business model proved to work as expected and we are just waiting to see what will come next. The system is very easy to be adapted to any user needs and has a good growth potential in terms of technology stack.